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Double Frame Technology

History in the making...

The BrellaSavr Umbrella

The patent pending BrellaSavr*TM started out as an Anti-Inversion Device attached to the umbrella runner.  I researched several umbrella manufacturers and found an incredible double-frame double-canopy umbrella to attach it. 

The BrellaSavr*TM design technology strengthens the umbrella structure and prolongs frame and material integrity during stronger winds.

The BrellaSavr*TM umbrella is a "one-of-a-kind" work of art.  It has a customized LED Light in the handle, removable, which has many uses.  You can wear it around your neck (cord included), during a power outage you can insert the LED Light into either holders (provided with purchase) i.e. set it on the counter as a light source, keep it in your purse or pocket and use it as a flashlight, or put it on your dog...BE CREATIVE. 

The LED Light has two settings, click it once-you get a flashy twinkle setting (great for dance parties, or emergency signaling), click it again, and you get a solid LED Light setting--illuminating your way to safety. 

 Finally, an umbrella with multiple uses.  The double frame-double canopy technology which is incredibly wind resistant and strong, with the BrellaSavr*TM attached, even stronger, walking support for balance, bright LED Light for safety, two-high quality holders, a cord to wear it around your neck, and all this for one incredible price of  $49.95 (plus S&H) AND includes FREE BATTERIES.


BrellaSavr Flashlight Kit

Dog Light