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Double Frame Technology

History in the making...

The BrellaSavr Umbrella

The patent pending BrellaSavr*TM started out as an Anti-Inversion Device attached to the umbrella runner.  I searched several outlets and found an incredible double-framed umbrella to attach it. 

The BrellaSavr*TM design technology prevents inversion during high winds.  I have created the strongest fiberglass double-frame umbrella available for purchase on-line.

The BrellaSavr*TM umbrella is one-of-a-kind, and it's customized with an awesome Led Light in the handle which has many uses.  You can wear it around your neck (cord included), during a power outage you can insert the Led Light into the holder (provided with purchase) and set it on the counter or use it as a flashlight, or put it on your dog, so be creative. 

It has two settings, click it once-you get a flashy twinkle setting (great for dance parties, or emergency signaling), click it again and you get a solid Led Light setting--illuminating your way to safety. 

 Finally, an umbrella with multiple uses, incredibly wind resistant and strong, walking support for balance, bright Led Light for safety, all this for one incredible price of  $49.95 (plus S&H) and includes FREE BATTERIES.


BrellaSavr Flashlight